Globalspotters.com is a part of a Danish marketing research company YourGlobalEye specialized in visual mystery shopping. Jobs are offered on this website when clients order research projects from YourGlobaleye.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions, please read them carefully. If you have a question that is not answered in the section below, please contact us by writing an email to seidi@yourglobaleye.com.

What do I have to do to get photo-jobs?

First of all you have to sign up as a GlobalSpotter. If there are jobs already available in your neighborhood, you can accept them immediately. Each time new jobs are released, you will receive an automatic notification to your e-mail address. By signing up you are not obliged to accept any photo-jobs, but it is a good way to earn some extra money. However, new jobs are only released when a client orders a research project and for that reason we cannot promise you a steady income.

What do I have to do after I have accepted a job offer?

All we expect from you is that you visit the store, take photos, upload them and answer some questions. It is recommended that you print out the letter of authorization and check-list so you do not forget anything.
If you decide to accept a job offer, you have three days to deliver the photos. Pay attention to the job description and reference pictures, and make sure you understand the questions. If you find something confusing or not clear enough, or if you need an extension of the deadline, please write to seidi@yourglobaleye.com.

How often will I receive job offers?

Job offers are sent out only when our clients order research projects so there are no precise time-intervals. It may happen that this month we launch several extensive projects covering hundreds of locations and next month there are no photo-jobs at all. However, we do our best to provide you with as many photo-jobs as possible.

I received an automatic notification offering me photo-jobs in my neighborhood, but when I logged in, these locations were not in the list

The system works so that each photo-job can only be accepted by one photographer. When the photo-job has disappeared from the job list, it means that there was another person living in the same neighborhood, who has already accepted to visit this location. If that person fails to deliver the photo-job then you may be offered the same location again in three days.

Why haven’t I received any job offers?

If we have not offered you any photo-jobs it means that at the moment there are no clients who need visual proof from your region. However, we are continuously cooperating and negotiating with a wide variety of companies so stay optimistic and keep your eye on your mailbox.

Can I accept more than one photo- job at a time?

Yes, we encourage you to accept several photo-jobs because by visiting several locations you can work more efficiently and earn more money. You are also more than welcome to notify your friends about the opportunity. However, keep in mind that as a rule we expect you to submit the photo-jobs within three days and unless you notify us that you wish to keep the jobs, they will be cancelled and offered to other photographers. Also, please accept only the locations that you plan to visit – if you frequently fail to deliver the photo-jobs you accepted, your photographer account will be deleted and you will be prohibited from accepting more photo-jobs.

What happens when my job’s deadline is reached?

The rule is that photo-jobs have to be submitted within three days after accepting them. In case you cannot meet the deadline but you still wish to keep the photo-jobs you accepted, please send an e-mail to seidi@yourglobaleye.com. If you fail to do so, then your photo-jobs will be cancelled and will be offered to other photographers. *Please note that in the project description we also state the deadline for the entire project – it means that after that date no deliveries can be accepted. We also cannot transfer any payment for late deliveries because once the analysis has been sent to the customer, we cannot use the data that was submitted too late.

Do I have to ask permission from the shop-keeper?

It is strongly recommended that you ask for permission before taking photos and show store personnel the letter of authorization. YourGlobalEye is a fully legitimate marketing research company which helps producers to improve their visibility through visual mystery shopping. If the store personnel forbid you to take photos, please upload a photo of the store entrance, submit the answers and write a brief description of the product display in the store.
You can use a regular camera or you can take photos with your mobile phone. The camera should have a fine quality (min. 2 megapixels).

How do I get paid for completed photo-jobs?

In order to get paid you need to have a PayPal account (sign up at www.PayPal.com). Please state your PayPal ID in your photographer profile (PayPal ID is the e-mail address that you registered yourself with) We transfer the payment for jobs completed photo-jobs within a week (usually it takes 1-3 days). From your PayPal account you can transfer the money to your bank account or credit card (instruction about withdrawing the funds)

Can I risk not getting paid?

If you do your job correct, you will always get paid. It means that you always need to submit the photo verifying that you have visited the location and answer the questions precisely. Keep in mind that the answers that you submit are as important as the photos. Furthermore, the photos need to correspond to the reference picture and they should not be blurry. You will receive an e-mail if a photo that you submitted is not acceptable. In order to avoid visiting the store again, take several pictures of each set-up to make sure you have a good photo. However, if you deliver a photo-job of very poor quality and/or fail to answer the questions precisely, you risk with decreased payment or not getting paid.
Currently we have transferred the payment to hundreds of photographers for thousands of delivered photo-jobs in different countries and there has never been anyone who would have missed the payment. You do not need to worry about not getting paid.

Is the payment for jobs always the same?

No, depending on the complexity of the photo-job and the project location the payment changes. You can always see it before accepting a job.

Will I receive a bonus for delivering many photo-jobs?

No, as a rule there is no bonus. However, we record all photographers’ activities, and the photographers who put an effort into it and deliver many jobs will be notified about new job offers first.

Will I receive any feedback on my photo-jobs?

No, you only get feedback if something is wrong – if the photos are declined or if you failed to answer the questions. Most often we only transfer the payment and it means you have done a good job!

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